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GradeUP your devices right the first time!

At NuBa Wireless, we focus on maximizing value for our clients.

About Us

We provide total GradeUP solution or refurbishment for the cellular phone industry. Our company is guided by six core values.

Our Services


This moral virtue is the foundation of our company upon which we build our excellent character.


We care for our employees because they breathe life into our business.

Customer Experience

We cherish the relationships that we have with our customers because they are the reasons that our company exists.


We strive for the highest level of quality. We do it right the first time.


We treat everyone with respect. We follow the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Environmental Responsibility

We respect the environment because Earth is our only home. We are mindful of the impact that our company's activities have on the environment. Therefore, we will always comply with the current environmental regulations of the local government.

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